Art projects  Symposia

Dops of the river  - Gojas del rio


playable sound sculpture

2 parts


H 3, 4 m  Wood, steel


international symposium Lora del rio

Andalusia / Spain 2021





Landschaftsinstallation auf einem Teich

Kulturfestival Hildesheimer Wallungen 2021


Flies, Kunststoffrohre, Silberpapier, Folie etc.



Durchmesser jeweils ca. 4 m

Höhe 3 m und 2 m



Von Weitem der Klang


Eschenholz, Edelstahl, Eisenoxidpigment, Leinöl

H 2,5 m


Biidhauersymposium Wadersloh / Westfalen/ Germany 2021

Angel- Looking outside


indoor installation

battens, paper, rope, other


L 5,1 m    W 5, 4 m   H 2 m


Cultural week of Hildesheim  Jan. 2021



Spear of ash wood


ash wood, stainless steel


H 4 m


international symposium Plattlng/ Germany 2020


Theme:  Legend of the Nibelungs

Talk with the wind


landscape installation

3 parts H 3 m  5 x 6 m each


battens, strings, tape, pigments


one part playable as xylophone

the wind produces sounds by the strings and tapes


island Spiekeroog/ Germany 2020

"Talk with the river"


wood sound sculpture

wood, steel elements H 335 cm


international symposium Odemira/ Portugal 2019

Gare art festival  Luxembourg 2019


"Sound station"


playable wood sculpture H 2,1 m


oak wood

international sculpture symposium

Aparan/ Armenia 2019


"Ris of the bird"

painted steel H 3,5 m

international outdoor exhibition Beaux Lieux/ France 2019

theme; Renaissance


8 parts (squares) L about 40m

painted wood, steel

"Sound jungle"


installation with a lot of kinds of xylophons to play with it

L 20 m W 5 m H 7 m

Festival de jardin

Husseren/ Wesserling

France 2019

international exhibition "moving wind" Hessen/ Germany 2018


"Ice cloud"

landscape installtion

pieces of broken glass,, net, wooden poles, steel wire cables

the pieces of glass reflect the sunlightwith the apperance of spectral colors


H about 5 m

W about 12 x 5 m

"Kunst am Wasser" 2018

Holzbildheuersymposium Kriebstein/ Sachsen/ Germany


playable wood sculpture

ash wood H 2,3 .

Folklotum 2018/ Polen/Deutschland 2018


Holz, Baender

H ca. 3m




landscape installation


(X) Sites Kattegattleden land-art project Sweden

exhibition 6th August - 6th Oct.2017


L 25 m (Triangel) H 4 m

Wood, driftwood, gauze, tapes


"River of sound"


landscape installtion

driftwood, roof battens, steel rope

L 27 m H 4,4 m W 2,5m

Lustenau/ Austria


musically playable like a big xylophon


international artproject artur017


Black cloud - white cloud


landscape instaltation

wood, ropes, poles, colours  L 20 m W 5 m H 5m

intenational exhibition and prize of art "moved wind"

Northern Hessen 2016


It's also like a big music instrument. People can  make sounds and play toghether by hitting the wooden sticks.



2. award



wood, glass, steel rope H 2 m W 4 m

innternational artist's symposium 

Grafenhausen/ Black Forest  2016



The glasses move in the wind

There are optical effects of reflections, prismatic colours..




wood sculpture/ oak H 2,3 m

international sculpture symposium

theme: water

Lorentzweiler/ Luxembourg 2016

Cats dream


snow 3 x 3 x 3 m

international snow sculpture competetion

Valle Aurino Soth Tyrol 2016




marble 1,7 x 1,7 x 1,7 m

international stone sculpture symposium

Craiova/ Romania 2015




wood sculpture/ larch  H 2,3m

theme: sound body

international wood sculpture symposium

Valle Aurino South Tyrol 2015 

House of the sea


walk in sculpture

Bamboo, driftwood, rope, shells L 8 m H 3 m  W 3 m

international environmental artproject 

Keelung/ Taiwan 2015

Way of listening


plastic cups, rope, poles L 20 m

"moved wind"

international exhibition 

Kassel 2014


People could listen to the sounds which produced the wind by the strings



sandstone H 1,7m

German-Polish scupture symposium 

theme: water signs

Schoeneiche near Berlin 2014

Looking down


grass 4 x 4 m

a relief in the grass like a construction of a stilt house

theme: stilt house culture around the alps

Allensbach/ Lake of Constance/ Germany 2014

Snow dance


snow  2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 m

Cessco snow sculpure festival

Edmonton (Al) Canada 2014


Platanus orientalis


stone - diabase H 0,65 m  W x D 1,7 x 1,7 m


international stone sculpture symposium 

Theme: child and nature

Alanya/Turkey 2013



walk in sculpture

Bamboo, driftwood, rope L 11 m W 2 m H 3 m

international environmental art project

Chenglong / Taiwan 2013

Leaf of the world   Лист мира

granite L 1,4m




International Sculpture sympoium

"Finno-ugric World"

Sytyvkar Repuplic Komi,, Russian Federation 2011



Swimming letters


letters taken from the words of a poem of Rose Auslaender were writen in black and white on small wood plates with small coloured plastic sheets as "sails"

the wind could make its play with it

water, wood, plastic, colour 4 x 4 m"moved wind" international exhibition 

Northern Hessen/ Germany 2010



Drop of venus


5 coper plates in grass (park)  diameter in total 4 m 

international exhibition and prize of art

Cologne -Stammheim 2008


3. award

Sand field


sand, pigments, wooden sticks

4 x 4 m

international exhibition moved wind 

Hessen/ Germany 2008

New inner space


marble H 1, 4m

international art object symposium 

Penza/ Russia 2010

Vortice (ital. whirl/ Wirbel)



H 2 m

international symposium 

theme: forest, water, and sky


Val d'Arzino/ Italy 2008



Douglasia H 2,5m

Symposium art and beer

monestary Andechs/ Bavaria/ Germany  2007

Cross of the earth


Corten steel 4 parts  

diameter in total 6 m

international symposium Grafenhausen/ Black Forest / Germany


Michael  & Anna Rofka

Im Laerchengrund 1

30880 Laatzen